Mental Landscape

by Subito Pianno

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The English version of the first Subito Pianno album Paisaje Mental gives a new insight into the music plus a bonus track of Ruben's side project Gravity Mission. A wonderful instrumental piece to chill and relax.


released January 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Subito Pianno Houston, Texas

Classically trained singer, songwriter, keyboardist and record producer Ruben Erazo was born somewhere on Planet Earth. He currently resides in Houston, TX and is the owner of the Subito Sound Studio. He loves music and wants to share his vision with you. ... more

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Track Name: True Intentions
This uneasiness inside
Do you have the same intentions?
In the whirlwind of my mind
I spin with no direction

Intact is my perception
Of the secret indiscretions
Where we drowned in an embrace unrestrained
We delighted till disdain brought the end

I’m traversing all alone,
Finding joy in your dimensions
Pretending you are mine
How insane is this obsession

I want to sweep away
With devotion your contempt
That insists there’s nothing else;
go away
Any other place is so much better

Recollections of the past
Don’t you see your misconceptions?
In your icy distant eyes
I can see there’s no affection

In that averting gaze I can read that you are gone
My acceptance of the facts has come about
Sadly now I know your true intentions

This is why

I won’t be back tonight

This is why

It’s really time to fly
Track Name: Living Fantasy
As I wake up from your illusion
And as I face reality
You’re a living fantasy
You take away my tension.

Immerse in oceans of confusion
I just want to feel all right
I wish to find the real reason of your nasty words that kill my desire.

I don’t want to compromise my fragile inside
I’m not opposed to hide my pride and try to pass on my uncertainty.

Forget about all the commitments that destroy veracity
You want your freedom
The longing overruns me.

The hidden faces of attraction that seduce us one more time
They demonstrate that our bodies are depleted by a gloomy confine.
Track Name: Naked Truth
Another day without a smile
The fire died out inside us
The naked truth appears
Let’s obscurity decides what we touch
The bond that used to lead us has gone without a trace.

Take your time
It’s the better way to rise
Gaze at another sunset and be able to stand up
Without fear and sigh again
Just remember all the joy between us and forget the lousy days
The hope of love will continue within us and spark our boundlessness

To walk away without restrain it gives the sense of freedom
That we need to start again
The time we’ve been together has no second chance
The bond that used to keep us has gone without a trace.
Track Name: End Of Times
I will pursue you till the end of times
I will leave no stone unturned
And my eager eyes will follow, where you are

Have your ever dare to think that I couldn’t find you? Who is lying?
Did you ever doubt that heaven would have to end? What a dream!
No matter where your are
No matter where you are
I will always have you, within my mind.

And wherever my voice calls out your name
It’ll fill your quite heart with much affliction
And my thoughts will find no rest
Till we reach the same vibration
that transcends…
Ourselves …
Track Name: Secrets
Like the last time
She is behind that fortress made of pure crystal
If I could tear it down
And her secrets understand…

The happiness that I get from her smiling glances
It deceives me into try
And her secrets understand…

If I could
I would try to bend the entire space and time
To experience one more time
The kindred spirits that we are

If I could
I would tell the stars to go to dust again
Begin with hope our path
And hold your hand one more time

She has known me for so long
Why can’t I be more than her friend?
All I want is to arrive
And her secrets understand.

Time after time
She reminds me how elusive
Emotions are
I would like to read her mind
And her secrets understand.

Deep loneliness fills my heart when
She decides to look away
I would like to engage her mind
And her secrets understand.
Track Name: Acceptance
Another beautiful day
Is dying out
For fighting that has no end

You’re looking down on me
Because I confessed
My most intimate thought

Let’s overcome apprehension
Lest resentment destroys what’s left of our affection
Let’s not forget to find the real meaning of our pleasures

Don’t want to have my way
Don’t want to run you down
All I want is your embrace
To know that you accept me
For what I really am
Don’t want to cause more pain
Don’t want to put up a fight

All I want is your embrace
To know that you accept me
For what I really am
All I want is your embrace
For what I really am

Just finish the futile games
I understand the lonesome heart you are
Let’s try to get along
These are just mind games with no winner at all
Track Name: State Of Mind
I remember how vain you are
All my attention was to validate your pride
I'm aware now
I’m just a tiny dot in your universe

It’s my ego
What’s hurting now
Was I just dreaming when I thought I’d made you mine?
I’m aware now
Our peace is just distraction from the battlefield.

It didn't come to pass
It’s an illusion,
A weird state of mind
My heart was beating fast
As her words fell
Piercing my inside
Whatever happened in your heart
It was just an incident in my life.
Track Name: Two Of Us
Every time I think about you I loosen up
Every time I think about you I never feel alone
You blossom in the air
You retake your spot again and I’m awaken from
My swelling dreams satisfied.

We get into another universe
Exciting getaway to refresh our love inside of new surroundings
Full of shining stars
Just the two of us.

Every time I think about you I get a smile
Every time I think about you I feel adventurous
I find a paradise when I look into your eyes
They are a fine place where reality and dreams combine.
Track Name: Alternate Reality
Another day has gone by
The precious moments that we had
Inspire the words of understanding
That we need to keep this dream on
Keep you closer more than ever
And forget confusing times.

We share a piece of space and time
A fair amount of love will drive
Our Lives into adventure
Reassuring our feelings in a journey
Of amazement
We will explore inside of us.

We create the exotic picture of the world
We want to grasp
An alternate reality is the mission
We're carrying out with no need of apprehension
And stable piece of mind
We are fusion of star stuff
In the ocean of the universe.

We will shine like constellations
We will tell fantastic stories
We will have a revelation and we will go beyond the stars.
Track Name: No Aggression
Ah… it’s all about your reasons
Ah… it’s all about your feelings
The time for our confessions
Builds the intention of the future
And together we will find better days without oblivion.

Ah… stop the misconceptions
Ah… stop the mental puzzles
No more letters of affection to cover up
All the resentment that is tearing us apart
And creates inner displeasure.

Let’s get a love agreement with no aggression this time at last
We had destroyed the spark of passion and desire
The outside wounds are healing
And the inside scars are fading.

Let’s forget to fight and recall the real power of love.
Track Name: Coexistence
I would like to lay down by your side
Without old disagreements
Honestly, I don't want to compromise our affection.

Tonight we should bring back the old comfort
that we used to enjoy without any confine.

Restoring the good feelings
Embracing coexistence.

Sometimes neglected words can break apart
The meaning of good actions
Compassion can transform the pain inside into forgiveness.

The only way to overcome this breakdown is to start
Again forgetting all the past

Restoring the good feelings
Embracing coexistence.

Let’s try to keep the fire of the candle
Without convulsion
Let’s try to walk together through the darkness without apprehension.

A new beginning is the real solution finding out the trace
Of hope inside of us

Restoring the good feelings
Embracing coexistence.
Track Name: Mental Landscape Op. 1
A piano composition to kick off your shoes and relax. Welcome to your own Mental Landscape.....

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